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SAVE Certification Program Changes - What to Expect
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The new Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 and 2 training materials are still being finalized - the final product is requiring more time from the SAVE International Certification Board than anticipated. Once the materials are ready for distribution, an email will be sent to SAVE International members, affiliates, instructors, etc. with instructions on how to pay the license fee and obtain the training materials. Thank you for your patience!




Core Competencies

Core Competency Testing Objectives for VMA and CVS assume that the VMA Exam and CVS Exam are now separate tests, where a CVS examinee has previously passed the VMA exam. CVS examinees must receive approval to take the CVS exam and must be currently certified as a VMA. The Value Methodology Fundamentals (VMF) 1 course covers all information required to pass the VMA exam; the VMF 2 course covers additional information required to pass the CVS exam.

NOTE: Assumes VMA's participate as value team members and CVS's facilitate.

See below or click here for more details on the Core Competencies.


1. Value Methodology

1.1 Explain the Value Methodology

1.2 Explain the Concept of Value

1.3 Explain the Code of Conduct

2. Transform Information

2.1 Express Information

2.2 Apply Value Modeling in a Value Study

3. Team Facilitation

3.1 Demonstrate the Skills for Workshop Leadership

4. Function Analysis

4.1 Explain Function Analysis

4.2 Differentiate Functions

4.3 Organize Functions

5. Cost Analysis

5.1 Recognize Costs

5.2 Compute Financial Assessment

5.3 Apply Life Cycle Costing

6. Pre-Workshop Stage

6.1 Elicit Stakeholder Goals and Objectives for the Workshop

6.2 Assemble Appropriate Team Members

6.3 Develop an Agenda

6.4 Acquire Information

6.5 Arrange Workshop Logistics

7. Workshop Stage (Six-Phase VM Job Plan)

7.1 Manage the Six Phases of the VM Job Plan

7.2 Complete Information Phase

7.3 Complete Function Analysis Phase

7.4 Complete Creative Phase

7.5 Complete Evaluation Phase

7.6 Complete Development Phase

7.7 Complete Presentation Phase

8. Post-Workshop Stage

8.1 Document Results

9. Value Program

9.1 Discuss a Value Program