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Maintaining a Certification
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Becoming certified is a great accomplishment. Do not let the hard work and effort put into becoming certified go to waste by not maintaining your certification. In order to maintain your designation, please adhere to the guidelines found in the SAVE International® Certification Manual (the updated version will be available soon).

Remember, it is your responsibility to keep your certification current. Individuals who allow their certification to expire are not permitted to use the VMA or CVS designation. An individual with an expired certification who continues to use their certification designation will be referred to the SAVE Ethics Committee for appropriate action.


CVS Recertification

As a Certified Value Specialist (CVS), you are required to submit your recertification worksheet and appropriate fees ($360 USD for SAVE members or $960 USD for non-members) every four years. CVS must attest that they have attained the minimum certifiation points (CPs) and studies required, and all CPs must be earned during the four-year recertification period. Early recertification is not allowed.


AVS Recertification

The Associate Value Specialist (AVS) recertification is no longer offered. As an AVS, you are welcome to transfer to the new Value Methodology Associate (VMA) certification prior to your AVS expiration date just by paying the appropriate application fee ($50 USD for SAVE members or $200 USD for non-members). Existing AVS are not required to take the exam again if transferring to the VMA.


VMA Maintenance Program

As a Value Methodology Associate (VMA), you are required to pay a yearly maintenance fee ($50 USD for SAVE members or $200 USD for non-members). In addition, VMA's are required to attest that they have obtained eight Professional Development Hours (PDHs) every two years. Backup documentation is not required unless specified.